Medical Education in the USA

Higher medical education in the United States is one of the most prestigious, and the doctor is one of the most respected, highly paid and privileged occupations. However, medical education in North America is very different from similar in other countries, including the learning process and cost. Training for a medic is a responsible matter, the life and health of other people depends on your actions, this is not an international dating website to do.

What Medical School to Choose?

In 1876, the Association of American Medical Colleges was founded in Washington. Its tasks include the improvement of health care and the organization of medical care through innovative medical education, advanced patient care and innovative research in the field of medicine. AAMC includes 145 American and 17 Canadian universities accredited in the field of medicine, about 400 large clinical hospitals and more than 80 scientific communities.

Traditionally, the best medical schools are universities belonging to the Ivy League.

  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • Columbia University
  • University of Pennsylvania

However, the following universities are of good standing as well.

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Stanford University
  • University of California and others.

Educational Process

After graduating from a secondary school, a graduate will not be able to immediately apply to the university for a medical specialty. Before that, they should get a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, which are as close to medicine as possible. It can be chemistry, biology, ecology or even environmental protection. Usually, such training, called pre-medical study, lasts 4 years. Similar programs are offered by various colleges across the country. After a four-year of pre-med program, a student takes the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), after which they can apply to the medical university. Of course, each university has its own additional criteria for the selection of students, but absolutely everyone must pass the MCAT.

In the USA, there are no just medical universities, students apply to regular universities, accredited in the field of medicine (higher medical schools). Since there are not many such universities in the country, the competition is quite big in them. Upon admission, preference is mainly given to applicants who are residents of the state. Besides, a high score obtained in high school as well as during the period of studies for a bachelor’s degree is of great importance.

In higher medical school, the student is studying for another four years. The first two years pass exclusively in the classes. Students attend lectures, practical classes in general subjects: anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and others. Clinical practice in hospitals begins with the third year of study. Students visit the hospital where they first meet with patients. Practical classes are divided into modules. Each module lasts from six to eight weeks and includes practice in one of the departments: surgery, therapy, pediatrics, and others. The fourth year also takes place in a hospital, but now students can spend more time in those departments that are of the most interest.